1000 GPS Sync Radio GPS Synchronized Backhaul Master

Utilizing GPS sync, the ePMP is an ideal fit for networks that require capacity and reliability for superior QoS in remote and underserved areas. This integrated PTP and PMP solution features an efficient GPS synchronized operational mode that permits highly scalable frequency reuse. When deployed with a sector antenna, the radio can be configured as a GPS Synchronized Access Point serving ePMP Integrated Radios configured as Subscriber Modules. When deployed with a high gain point to point antenna, the ePMP GPS Sync Radio can be configured to be a GPS Synchronized Backhaul Master, forming a PTP link with another ePMP Radio module.

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cambium antena cambium
C050900D007B Dish Antenna (25 dBi)

antena cambium  PARA VER MAS , HAZ CLICK AQUI    Somos un Distribuidor Master Mayorista localizado en Miami, FL. USA. Contamos con más de 18 años de experiencias y amplia presencia en Latinoamérica. Productos; -Cableado estructurado -Conectores y accesorios para … Read More

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C050900R051A – ePMP1000

C050900R051A – ePMP1000

ePMP 1000: 5GHz AP Lite / Force 110 PTP Radio (ROW) (no cord)

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cambium antena cambium
Cambium ePMP Force 300 5GHz ROW C050910C121A

Cambium Force 300-25 combines the latest 802.11AC Wave2 technology and field-proven proprietary ePMP protocols to announce the first product from the next generation ePMP portfolio. Designed to operate as an affordable, yet highly reliable, point-to-point product offering 700 Mbps throughput, the Force 300-25 will also serve as a high-gain subscriber for future ePMP access points. With its introduction, Force 300-25 opens up opportunities for short- and long-haul backhauls where throughput, interference, and resiliency are important, while keeping costs down. Applications range from enterprise building-to-building connectivity to traditional WISP backhaul needs.

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cnPilot R200 US, 802.11n single band 300Mbps WLAN Router with ATA

cnPilot[tm] Home & Business R200 and R201 – Simplifying the Network

Extending the service provider’s indoor reach and streamlining components for a simplified indoor network. Versatile multi-function WLAN access points, offering remote visibility and end-to-end troubleshooting, extend the service provider’s indoor reach.

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router cnPilot
cnPilot R201P, US, 802.11ac dual band Gigabit WLAN Router

C000000L030A – cnPilot

cnPilot R201P, US, 802.11ac dual band Gigabit WLAN Router withATA and PoE

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Cambium cnPilot
cnPilot™ E410 Indoor Hotspot portal Managed by Cambium’s cnMaestro™ cloud controller

Cambium Cambium cnPilot™ E410 Indoor 802.11ac wave 2 dual band 2×2 indoor access point Future proof your indoor deployments with the compact, low profile, 802.11ac Wave 2 Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) beamforming, high-speed E410 Enterprise Access Point. The E410 is perfect … Read More

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ePMP 1000 hotspot 802.11n 2.4GHz WLAN

C024095H021A – cnPilot

ePMP 1000 hotspot (FCC, ROW, US cord) 802.11n 2.4GHz WLAN AP; Dipole Antennas & Mounting bracket

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PMP-450 5 GHz Integrated SM, 4Mbps

PMP-450 The PMP-450 subscriber unit operates in the same 5470-5875Mhz frequency range as the PMP-450 access point. The subscriber module has 4 Mbps throughput, upgradable to 10, 20, and up to 90 Mbps. Utilizing 2×2 MIMO-OFDM technology, new deployments can … Read More

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Spare Power Supply for Radio
Spare Power Supply for Radio with 100Mbit Ethernet (no cord)

N000900L002A – ePMP1000

ePMP 1000 Spare Power Supply for Radio with 100Mbit Ethernet (no cord)


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