RADWIN WINtouch app for easy install, managing and monitoring of RADWIN

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RADWIN app for easy install, managing and monitoring of Subscriber Units   The WINtouch app is an innovative and easy-to-use tool to simplify the installation and management of  Subscriber Units.


WINtouch enables the automatic selection of the best available Base Station, optimal antenna alignment and link quality verification.   Making the antenna alignment process so easy that no prior skill-set is required, WINtouch guarantees rapid alignment and commissioning, secures the best connection and optimizes service performance at every site installation.

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WINtouch assists the field technician by improving daily task management – overseeing installation assignments and prioritizing scheduled tasks based on installation site proximity.   In addition, installation status and deployment analysis reports are automatically generated for quick and easy distribution to colleagues and peers.

WINtouch also provides access to training sessions, product documentation and update notifications.   When using the WINtouch app with your wireless broadband solution, you will surprised by how simple and quick the installation process becomes and how it will boost your operational efficiency!


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