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WireHider Raceway

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  • Constructed of UL94VO flame retardant PVC
  • Separate cover lids available as an option
  • Built with UV stabilizer to prevent color fading
  • Cover lids have a latex paintable PVC Surface
  • Adhesive solvent based foam tape for fast and easy installation
  • Duct cutting tool (sold separately)
  • Available in POS counter display presentations

The WireHider® non-Metallic Surface Mount Raceway was designed with the installation professional in mind. WireHider® was designed to eliminate the problem of hard to install locations where the cable has a tendency to fall out, especially on ceiling runs. This raceway duct speeds up installation by enabling you to simply push the cables into its flexible center slit and it allows you to exit anywhere along the run without the concern of the cable falling out. No raceway covers are required, but are available as an option!