» » RADWIN RW-2954-A125 carrier-class radio,

RADWIN RW-2954-A125 carrier-class radio,


RW-2954-A125 is a carrier-class radio supports the 5.x GHz bands FCC, IC (Canada), MII (China) and WPC (India) regulations (factory
default: 5.4 GHz ). The multi-band radio is part of the RADWIN 2000 A-Series that delivers 25Mbps throughput and extended range.
Packing native TDM and Ethernet over a single wireless link, the RADWIN 2000 A-Series provides 25 Mbps net aggregate throughput
(up to 4XE1/T1 plus Ethernet) RADWIN RW-2954-A125 comes with an integrated antenna.

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Product Highlights
 25 Mbps Ethernet net throughput and up to
 Native TDM transport
 Adaptive asymmetric throughput – dynamic
allocation between uplink and downlink
 Single radio supporting multiple bands (5.x GHz)
 Advanced MIMO, OFDM and Diversity
 Robust and reliable to operate in tough
conditions, extreme temperatures and
non line-of-sight scenarios