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OSCV-144 Fiber Optic Vertical Closure Black color


OSCV-144 Fiber optical splice closure allows 6pcs cable port. The closure is an openable box which is made of high quality ABS. The closure and the foundation plate are sealed with Silicon Gum Material which fixes tightly by hoop. And the sealing of cables use Shrinkable tube. The closure can be opened and used again, no need to change the sealing material after it be sealed.


1) Splice tray: Max. 5pcs, each 24cores

2) Cable port: 4pcs round port φ20mm, 1pc oval port

62.5*39.5mm for supporting cable entry without cutting.

All cable ports are heat shrink sealing.

3)Waterproof: IP68

4)Wall‐mounting, aerial hanger and pole‐mount, buried

5) Material: outer shell use high impact resistance PP materials with UV. Inside structure use ABS plastic .

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