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IsoStation 5AC – IS-5AC Isolation Antenna

The Ubiquiti IsoStation 5AC (IS-5AC) provides high isolation solutions in fixed beamwidth increments through interchangeable horn antennas that have been optimised for an urban environment. The tailored antenna radiation patterns spatially filters both in-band and out-of-band spurious RF emissions to increase the noise immunity of the IsoStation 5AC. This feature is especially important in an increasingly congested RF environment.


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IsoStation, 5GHz airMAX AC CPE Radio with speeds up to 450+Mbps, 14dBi gain interchangeable Isolation Antenna horn (default 45 degrees), all-metal shielded radio base; 5km range; v8 airOS with airMAX processor & airMagic; dedicated WiFi radio for management with quick setup via UMobile App




Ubiquiti IsoStation IS-5AC Features

  • 450+ Mbps
  • Interchangeable Isolation Antenna Horn
  • All-Metal, Shielded Radio Base
  • airMAX Processor for Superior Performance

Modular Design
With flexible sectorisation for optional antenna beam widths, the horn antenna is interchangeable and improves beam‑shaping for specific deployment and environment needs. The IsoStation 5AC uses horn antenna sectors designed for increasedco-location performance without sacrificing gain. Providing high throughput andan innovative form factor, the IsoStation 5AC is versatile andcost-effective to deploy.

Symmetrical Antennas
Symmetrical horn antennas (30° and45° versions) offer break throughscalability options for wireless systems. They are ideal for cluster sector installations with highco-location requirements. Unique beam performance and greatco-location characteristics allow for a higher density of sectors than traditional sector technology.

Asymmetrical Antennas
Asymmetrical horn antennas (60° and90° versions) are designed to have attenuated side lobes and extremely low back radiation. They offer best front-to-back ratio in the industry andthe lowest side lobe radiation.

Unlike standard Wi-Fi protocol, Ubiquiti’s Time Division MultipleAccess (TDMA) airMAX protocol allows each client to send and receive data using pre-designated timeslots scheduled by an intelligent AP controller. This time slot method eliminates hidden node collisions and maximizes air time efficiency, so airMAX technology provides performance improvements in latency, noise immunity, scalability, and throughput compared to other outdoor systems in its class. Intelligent QoS Priority assigned to voice/video for seamless streaming. Scalability High capacity and scalability. Long Distance Capable of high-speed, carrier-class links.

Horn Antenna Options
The IsoStation 5AC comes with a 45° isolation antenna. We offer three optional antennas with precise radiation angles for specific beamshaping, so you can customize the IsoStation5AC for your specific installation requirements:• 30°• 60°• 90°.
All horn antennas are optimized forco-location. The asymmetrical versions (60°and 90°) narrow the elevation pattern to increase gain where users need it.

Enhanced Co-Location
Asymmetrical horn antenna options (60° and 90°) have naturally attenuated side lobes and extremely low back radiation, and they offer industry-leading front-to-back ratio and low side lobe radiation. Symmetrical horn antennas (30° and 45°, the default) are ideal for cluster sector installations with high co-location requirements.


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