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NFT 1N Series Infinity controller Wi-Fi network management

Integrated 2.4 GHz (2×2) MiMo radio
28 dBm output power
2 x internal omni-directional antennas
Powerful operating system
3 x Ethernet ports
Suspended ceiling mount, wall/ceiling mount, pole mount
Free WNMS (Wireless Network Management System)

*802.3 af power over Ethernet standard support
Suspended ceiling mount, wall/ceiling mount, pole mount
Free WNMS (Wireless Network Management System)

*AF Only

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Infinity controller

Professional Wi-Fi network management system

LigoWave is introducing a new software platform to deploy, monitor and manage Infiniti series Wi-Fi access points. It is available for two platforms: Linux or VM VirtualBox (Supporting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems). Cloud based version is coming soon. Additionally, the new NFT v7.54 firmware version will support controller-less network architecture allowing to deploy smaller size networks (up to 50 devices) without an external hardware to control and manage the network. This will extend LigoWave offering to new verticals like education, hospitality, governmental organisations or small to medium enterprises. Customers will have 3 different ways to setup and manage LigoWave’s Wi-Fi access products.

3 ways to manage your network


Infinity series access points are configured individually via the web interface. This traditional scenario is suitable for small networks that do not require centralized management and maintenance. Infinity OS is a highly functional and easy to use operating system.


Each Infinity series access point supports controller-less architecture (software version NFT 7.54), which is ideal for small to medium size deployments (up to 50 access points). An Integrated setup wizard allows quick and easy setup. Master access point works as a controller and shares the configuration with managed access points at the same time collecting statistical information. This unique architecture allows secure, scalable, cost-effective and simple deployments in any industry.


Infinity controller is a software platform to configure and manage Wi-Fi networks based on LigoWave devices. It can run on Linux and Windows servers and cloud based version is coming soon. Software image is free and available in downloads section. The controller supports unlimited amount of devices (taking into account sufficient hardware resources are available) and is ideal for large networks that can be remotely located across the country and even different continents.