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ePMP Elevate™ is a software solution

ePMP Elevate is an innovative software solution that empowers 3rd party subscriber hardware with all the performance and scalability benefits of the ePMP platform, when co-installed with an ePMP access point.

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ePMP Elevate™ is a software solution that runs on OpenWRT hardware, interoperating with other companies’ Access Points and incorporating the entire infrastructure into a more powerful amalgamated system that functions like Cambium Networks’ ePMP platform. The beta test was run on a 800 user network across multiple towers, with easy installation: an operator only needs to install one ePMP Access Point and load their deployed subscriber modules with ePMP Elevate software. Ellison describes, “We added the ePMP AP’s to existing locations, uploaded the beta firmware (ePMP Elevate™), and applied the necessary settings. We loaded the firmware on the first CPE (customer-premises equipment) and it connected. Then we reconfigured to our preferred settings, and it was working. Wash, rinse, repeat.”



C050900S501A | C050900S510A

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