» » » APC 5M High output power 29 dBm radio

APC 5M High output power 29 dBm radio

160 Mbps capacity
50,000 PPS
4.780 – 6.100 GHz support
High output power 29 dBm radio
N-type connectors for external antenna
Powerful OS
iPoll 2  – enhanced communication protocol
Weather proof (IP-65 rated) design
Free NMS (WNMS – Wireless Network Management System)
Wall and pole mounting option
Grounding option on the enclosure

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29 dBm radio


iPoll 2 – enhanced performance protocol

iPoll 2 uses a centralized control manner, where base station polls every subscriber station (CPE) and ensures smooth packet transmission for voice, video and data.The polling method is smart: stations having data are polled more often versus idle ones.

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QoS Support

The APC OS combines wireless technology with quality of service for multiple flows like voice, video and data. QoS on iPoll 2 uses the strict policy method and ensures the lowest latency as well as minimal jitter for the most sensitive real time applications.

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The APC OS is feature-rich, easy to use and professionally developed operating system made for Deliberant wireless equipment.  The iPoll proprietary, wireless transmission protocol optimizes the hardware to allow high throughput even with a large number of client connections.  Additionally it produces low latency and high PPS (Packet Per Second rate) transmissions while exhibiting industry- leading immunity to noise . The easy to use interface also has a variety of tools like spectrum analyzer, site survey, antenna alignment, delayed reboot, ping, trace-route and ping watchdog to make the installation straightforward and fast.

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