» » 5 GHz – 6.4GHz 30dBi Heavy Duty MIMO 2×2 PtP Dish Antenna 2-Pack

5 GHz – 6.4GHz 30dBi Heavy Duty MIMO 2×2 PtP Dish Antenna 2-Pack

The Altelix AD5G30M2-PRO 2-PK is a Complete High Gain Antenna Kit that features our Heavy Duty 30dBi Dual Polarized 2×2 MIMO Parabolic Dish Antenna. The versatile adjustable feed system allows the antenna to be configured for Dual Polarization (Horizontal and Vertical) or for X-Polarization (+45° and -45°). It is a perfect match for 802.11a MIMO access points and bridges. It also supports the new 6.2 GHz and 6.4 GHz radios now available.

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2-Pack Includes:

  • (2) Altelix 30dBi Dual Polarized MIMO Dish Antennas
  • (2) Bracket Sets for Mounting Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5® and Rocket® Prism 5AC, Mimosa C5c, MikroTik BaseBox® 5 and Cambium ePMP™
  • (4) RP-SMA Male to N Male Low Loss cables

This Altelix antenna includes a versatile mounting kit that can be used to attach a Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5® and Rocket® Prism 5AC, Mimosa C5c, TP-Link WBS-510, Mikrotik BaseBox® 5 or Cambium ePMP™ directly to the antenna. It also supports the Mimosa B5c with an optional cable adapter kit.

The AD5G30M2-PRO also includes a pair of low loss RP-SMA to N Male cables for connecting the radios to the antenna.

Radios Supported:

  • Ubiquiti RocketM5®, RocketM5® GPS, Rocket® Prism 5AC
  • Mimosa C5c
  • MikroTik BaseBox® 5
  • TP-Link WBS510
  • Cambium ePMP™
  • Mimosa B5c (requires optional cable kit)

Optional Radome Cover
The optional Altelix AR-06 Radome Cover is designed to provided additional protection to the dish and feedhorn as well as reduce wind loading. Light weight and rugged fiberglass construction, the AR-06 is easy to assemble. The AR-06 bolts directly to the dish with the provided hardware. No drilling is required in the dish since existing mounting holes in the dish are used.

2-Pack Available
This antenna is also available in a convenient 2-Pack, AD5G30M2-PRO-2PK. With packaging not much larger then a single antenna,


  • Wide Multi-Band Coverage (5150-6400 MHz)
  • High Gain and Low VSWR
  • White UV-Coated Aluminum Alloy 0.6m Precision Dish
  • Heavy Duty Professional Grade Mounting System
  • Vertical and Horizontal or X-Polarization (+45° and -45°)
  • Includes (2) RP-SMA Male to N Male Cables & AP Radio Mounting Bracket
  • Optional Radome Available

  • 5 GHz 802.11a/n
  • 6.2 GHz / 6.4 GHz Band
  • WiFi and WLAN Systems
  • Ubiquiti Networks RocketM5®, UniFi® UAP-AC-M, Rocket® Prism 5AC
  • Mimosa C5c
  • MikroTik BaseBox® 5
  • 2x2 MIMO Applications
  • Wireless Bridges and Backhaul
Frequency Range 5150-6400 MHz
Bandwidth 1250 MHz
Gain 30 dBi
Polarization Vertical & Horizontal or X-Pol (+45° & -45°)
Vertical Beamwidth 5.5 Degrees
Horizontal Beamwidth 5.5 Degrees
F/B Ratio ≥32dB
Isolation ≥28dB
VSWR <1.6:1
Impedance 50 Ohm
Maximum Power 100 Watts
Standard Connector Dual Type N Female
Dimensions ∅25.6 x 12.3 Inches (∅651 x 311 mm)
Dish Color White
Mast Diameter 1.6 - 2.8 Inches (40 - 70 mm)
Weight 11.9 Lbs. (5.4 Kg)
Temperature Range -40° - 185°F (-40° - 85°C)
Lightning Protection DC Short
Wind Loading Data
Wind Speed (MPH) Loading
100 113 lbs
125 177 lbs