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ALG Com Microwave Antennas 10.00–11.70 GHz, 30 dBi PS-10900-30-03-DP

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ALG Com Microwave Antennas

Microwave Antennas 10.00 – 11.70 GHz, 30 dBi (LINK 6 MILES) – CONNECTORIZED RP SMA FEMALE



DIAMETER                                              0.3 mt/1 ft

POLARIZATION                                      Simple (V and H) and Double (V and H)

GAIN                                                        30 dBi

CONNECTION                                         Customizable

POWER HALF ANGLE                            4.1

WEIGHT                                                  3.6 kgs

FREQUENCY                                          10 GHz

FRONT-TO-BACK RATIO                        >48 dB

LINK                                                         Point to Point

OPERATING FREQUENCY                    10-11.7 Ghz


Microwave antennas were designed to ensure the best performance in data transmission.They are used for Point-to-Point links on licensed frequencies and have direct coupling or through wave guide. Find out more about ALGcom Microwave Antennas.

ALG com Microwave Antennas have excellent noise immunity thanks to their side shielding. Check below the radiation diagrams of each of the models.

ALG com Microwave Antennas are designed using electromagnetic simulation and structural calculation softwares, providing the best structural performance, reducing the weight and improving the product life span. In all ALGcom products are used sophisticated calculation methods and state of the art tools. The values identified as wind forces are the result of several fluid dynamics simulations made with numerical analysis software and aerodynamic property calculations. The patterns determine resistance and wind forces coefficients that act on the antenna, leading a load to the mounting pipe. This load can be divided in an axial force, a lateral force and a torsion moment. Aspects like the shape of antenna, radome, and reflectors are taken into account too

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