performance Dual Polarization Directional antenna RW-9622-5001 high

performance Dual Polarization RW-9622-5001 is a high performance Dual Polarization-Directional antenna, 5 deg. beam-width, supports 4.9 – 6.425 GHz frequency range. • PERFORMANCE Lightweight and rugged design • Dual Linear (Vertical & Horizontal) polarization • N-TYPE RF connector/s • Easily … Read More

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RADWIN 2000 B-Series ODU antenna RW-2954-B350

RADWIN 2000 B-Series The multi-band radio is part of the RADWIN 2000 B-Series that delivers highest capacity and extended range for carriers’ backhaul needs. Packing native TDM and Ethernet over a single wireless link, the RADWIN 2000 B-Series pro-vides 50 … Read More

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RADWIN 2000 D+
RADWIN 2000 D+ Plus antenna RW-2954-D200

RADWIN 2000 D+ Series Delivering up to 750 Mbps Ethernet throughput, RADWIN 2000 D+ series is ideal for IP backhaul applications. RADWIN 2000 D+ series provides high spectrum efficiency by employing a QAM 256 modulation scheme. RADWIN 2000 D + … Read More

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Radwin AIR series
Radwin AIR series Subscriber RW-5650-9A50

Radwin AIR series RADWIN SU-AIR 50 ODU, with an embedded antenna and connectorized for external antenna (2 x N-type), supporting multi frequency bands at 5.x GHz, factory default 5.4 GHz Universal. Technical Specs Description Best effort (AIR) Subscriber Unit (SU), … Read More

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RADWIN HPMP-5510-9H54 HSU 510 Series

RADWIN HPMP RW-5510-9H54 Subscriber Unit (HSU) provides high capacity access connectivity of up to 10 Mbps net aggregate through put.RW-5510-9H54 supports 4.9 to 5.9 GHz and complies with FCC/IC, WPC, Universal & MII regulations. The radio comes with an integrated … Read More

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RADWIN RW-2954-A125 carrier-class radio,

RADWIN RW-2954-A125 is a carrier-class radio supports the 5.x GHz bands FCC, IC (Canada), MII (China) and WPC (India) regulations (factory default: 5.4 GHz ). The multi-band radio is part of the RADWIN 2000 A-Series that delivers 25Mbps throughput and … Read More

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RW SU AIR series
RW SU AIR series, 100 Mbps sub, 5.8 GHz RW-5625-9A50

RW SU AIR series RADWIN Best effort (AIR) Subscriber Unit (SU), 4.9 to 5.8 GHz with embedded antenna. RW5000/SU-Air/5600/F58/FCC/EMB Questions? RW SU AIR series Overview Somos un Distribuidor Master Mayorista localizado en Miami, FL. USA. Contamos con más de 20 … Read More

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