case RB450, RB450G and RB850Gx2 series indoor – CA150

Black aluminium indoor case with installation set

Fits RB450, RB450G and RB850Gx2

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Large Outdoor Case for RB433/800 series daughterboards,

Large Outdoor case (one Ethernet insulator)

Mounting set included

Fits RB411, RB433, RB493, RB800 series products

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RB800 series indoor case CA800 4 holes connectors

RB800 Indoor case (4 holes for Nfemale Bulkhead connectors or AC/SWI Swivel antennas). Case fits cooling fan and has holes for air intake.

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Universal indoor case MikroTik CA411U
The Mikrotik CA411U – Tremendous Enclosure for RB/411U boards. This MikroTik CA411U case is a Black Aluminium indoor case which excellently works with the RouterBoard RB411U and RB411UAHR, designed with a special hole for USB, 3 x holes for N female Bulkhead connector or AC/SWI Swivel antenna.
Mikrotik indoor case CA411U is the one of the best products from MirkroTik made up with the high quality material which is strong and affordable. MikroTik is the leader in manufacturing the network router products, offering mikrotik ca411u case with usb at cost effective price, delivering the quality to their customers. Some of the Mikrotik CA411U indoor case with usb hole features include:
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