Ligo PTP RapidFire 5-N

220 Mbps capacity
60,000 PPS
4.780 – 6.100 GHz support
High output power 28 dBm (per chain) radio
N-connectors for external antenna
Powerful OS
W-jet 2  – protocol optimized for point-to-point scenario
External OLED screen for antenna alignment and throughput testing
Weather proof (IP-67 rated) design
Integrated surge protection (IEC standards rated)
Free NMS (WNMS – Wireless Network Management System)
Professional articulating mounting bracket

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series Infinity
NFT 2AC Infinity Controller

Infinity controller is a new software platform to deploy, monitor and manage Infinity series Wi-Fi access points. It is available for two platforms: Linux or VM VirtualBox (Supporting Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems).

NFT 2ac – dual-band 2×2:2 802.11ac outdoor AP, 802.3 af/at PoE

NFT 3ac – dual-band 3×3:2 802.11ac outdoor AP, 802.3 af/at PoE

sku: DE05 NFT 2ac

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NFT 2N Integrated omni-directional antennas

Dual-radio 802.11N design
2.4 and 5 GHz frequency
3×3 MiMo support delivering 450 Mbps data rate on a single radio
Integrated omni-directional antennas
Fast dedicated Qualcomm Atheros CPU
Powerful operating system
802.3 at power over Ethernet standard support
Free NMS (WNMS – Wireles Network Management System)

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