Altelix designs and manufactures weatherproof enclosures, antennas, cable, cable assemblies and connectivity products.
coaxial Lightning Protector
coaxial Lightning Protector N-Male to N-Female 5GHz WiFi

coaxial Lightning Protector The Altelix LCW6NMNF is a coaxial Lightning Protector that operates over the frequency range of 5-6 GHz making it ideal for 5GHz 802.11a applications. This unit offers DC-Short Quarter Wave protection with high surge power handling multi-strike … Read More

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Surge Protector
Surge Protector Lightning ALR06 N-Female and N-Male

Surge Protector The ALR06 Surge Protector is rated from 0 to 6 GHz, and has N-Female and N-Male connectors.  It is constructed from nickel plated brass. It has a 90 V DC breakdown voltage which is suitable for wireless installations. … Read More

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