ALGCom Microwave Antennas
ALGCom Microwave Antennas 10.00–11.70 GHz, 37 dBi PS-10900-37-09-DP

ALGCom Microwave Antennas   CROSS POLARIZATION INSULATION            >35 db DIAMETER                                                       0.9 mt/3Ft POLARIZATION                                                Simple (V and H) and Double (V and H) GAIN                                                                  37.4 dBi CONNECTION                                                  Customizable POWER HALF ANGLE                                      2.1 WEIGHT                                                            22 Kg FREQUENCY                                                     10 GHz FRONT-TO-BACK RATIO                                 >58 … Read More

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ALGcom Microwave Antennas 34 dBi 10.00–11.70 GHz, PS-10900-34-06-DP

ALGcom Microwave Antennas 34 CROSS POLARIZATION INSULATION  >35dB DIAMETER                                              0.6 mts/2 ft POLARIZATION             … Read More

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ALG Com Microwave Antennas 10.00–11.70 GHz, 30 dBi PS-10900-30-03-DP

ALG Com Microwave Antennas Microwave Antennas 10.00 – 11.70 GHz, 30 dBi (LINK 6 MILES) – CONNECTORIZED RP SMA FEMALE   CROSS POLARIZATION INSULATION  >35dB DIAMETER                              … Read More

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