LigoWave can help businesses drive up on-site revenue

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The Ligowave challenge

The prevalent use of mobile devices has people demanding Wi-Fi everywhere they go. Whether shopping in retail stores, dining out as restaurants or waiting at transportation hubs, customers are constantly on lo the lookout to get connected. While many businesses offer guest Wi-Fi as a commodity to their customers, the service is often very basic and don’ts offer any real value to the business providing the service.

Meanwhile, online sites are able to gather information such as who their customer are, what they are searching for and how customer browse their site. Empowered with this information, businesses can tailor web marketing initiative to specific demographics and individual preferences. But Physical venues have traditionally been left in the dark, unable to get comparable insight. Without insight into their on-site visitors, they have more difficult time personally engaging customers.

The LigoWave y the Cloud4Wi Solution

Ligowave Solution make it possible for business to take advantage of what were once web -only insights. For the first time ever, brick-and-mortar businesses can bring web technology and analytics into their physical locations.

The cloud4Wi Volare solution builds on the data and analytics derided from the infinity Controller and the LigoWave software solution. The infinity controller created by Ligowave goes beyond basic Wi-Fi connectivity. And integrated mobile device detection feature enables to collect valuable data from customer behavior so that businesses could better understand who they customers are and how they behave. The data is exported in real time and can be used to enhance the services of enterprise or managed services providers by importing it to they own application.

A wide array of marketing tools is also available on the Volare Platform, which empowers businesses to personally engage on site customers in way that inspire loyalty and help to build long lasting customer relationship.

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